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The Cacco Multipurpose Gloves are made to be durable but also work for you! 

Cacco Multipurpose Gloves 
A Rugged Glove for Rugged Work!

The Cacco Multipurpose Gloves, thanks to the triple layer protection, you can work in the heat or cold, and as they are extremely durable and tough, they will protect you from an assortment of sharp objects! They are created with protection in mind. What’s more thanks to the waterproofing you can feel free to wash them and carry on with your work!

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Features of the Cacco Multipurpose Gloves

The Cacco Multipurpose Gloves do what they say on the tin and are extremely heat resistant, water repellent, cut resistant, and cold resistant! You can use them in a whole variety of situations!

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