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Traditional Uchiwa Fans: Fully made using Bamboo!

Blending new technology to make bamboo paper with traditional designs these fans are beautiful pieces of art! With a variety of amazing designs based on traditional patterns and cultural art, you can display these fans or use them to just cool yourself down in the summer! They are fully biodegradable thanks to being fully made using bamboo.

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Bamboo is a brilliant plant, that can grow to maturity in just 3 years, making it a great resource thanks to its sustainable nature. But bamboo also faces the problem that it isn’t utilized effectively and this has led to multiple bamboo forests decaying and wasting away. By using bamboo the amount of abandoned bamboo forests can be reduced, forests can be protected, and the fans can contribute to a sustainable society.

Fully made using Bamboo

Perfect as a decoration or as a practical item

The design of the fans lends itself to being both a practical functional item as well as a decorative item. You can display this beautiful fan in your home as a piece of interior art and then take it down to cool yourself when you need! 

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