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There are four different designs for you to choose from for this project, with a special exclusive pattern being designed for Kickstarter! Each design allows for the flames to flicker through the special slits that make up the walls of the pit, creating a beautiful but different atmosphere for each.

The motif for these designs come from the nature that can be found in Akiota, Hiroshima Prefecture, where this project is born, as well as being inspired by Native American jewellery.

Highlighting the beauty of a campfire

The Awano Fire Pit: Bring beauty to your campsites

A stunning Made-in-Japan Fire Pit with special patterns on the plate to make the fire flicker in beautiful patterns, making your camping trips more memorable! The Awano Fire Pit is not only beautiful to look at, it is also extra convenient, can be easily assembled  and is super compact when broken down!

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Easy to assemble, easy to carry!

All the parts can be fitted into the base, which  is 15mm thick. This makes it compact and easy to carry! As it is made to be assembled, all the parts are separate, and when stored, it is the size of a laptop! It's even light enough for kids to carry!

The assembly of the fire pit is extra intuitive and can be done in a manner of ways, with the legs being able to be used in different ways!

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