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We help launch several projects on Kickstarter monthly, helping amazing Japanese Creators connect to amazing backers in the West!

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With our ART Kimonos, the artist uses the fabric as a canvas, using it to have their art being digitally printed on. The reason AUN chose to create this type of Art Kimono is because we believe there are so many fascinating and skilled artists that come from Japan, who we want more people to learn about. We want to use our AUN Kimono to help these artists take more of a center stage!

For this project we are collaborating with Masaya Yamada (山田雅哉), a painter who focuses on the theme of “things that are there but can’t be seen”, using original techniques to find different expressions of painting. The materials that he uses when it comes to painting are “Japanese painting materials”, such as natural mineral pigments, sumi ink, metallic muds, traditional washi paper and so on. His pieces are characterized by a gentle feeling that is not bound by border or period, making them a wonder to behold.

A collaboration with a special artist

Art Kimono: A kimono that encapsulates the seasons

Made from sustainable and recyclable cotton linen blended fabric this kimono also features digital art from a brilliant Japanese Artist! AUN is a collaborative effort between amazing artists and skilled craftsmen, resulting in the creation of beautiful kimonos. Combined with this, these kimonos' main characteristic is how easy and comfortable they are to wear!

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Sustainable materials

The fabric used is 50% cotton and 50% linen to make a cotton linen blend.

Cotton linen is a fabric that is soft on the skin while also feeling natural. It is also durable and resistant to abrasion wear, as well as being excellently heat resistant, making it great for the summer season.

As cotton and linen are naturally grown materials, they also return to the earth with ease making them kind to the environment.

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