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The Keyaki To-Go Coffee Cup: Beautifully made by artisans

Save the planet one cup at a time with these Japanese zelkova-made to-go cups! You can enjoy the gentle feel as you hold and drink! You can drink with the lid closed, and carry it with you wherever you go. You can enjoy the pleasant feel of wood when you hold it and when you drink from it, whenever wherever you are!

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As this cup will be a cup that will touch your lips on a daily basis, the makers have made it so that the gentle touch of wood will lift your spirits. When you hold wood, it isn’t too cold, too hard, too heavy and has a natural feel and fits in your hand. Compared to the normal mass-produced plastic cups, when you bring this zelkova wood cup to your lips, you’ll definitely feel more relaxed.

Gentle Touch & Feel

A unique grain with every cup

This wood is strong and hard, and it has a beautiful wood grain like that of a sword blade edge, and as it is durable, it has been used for Buddhist and Shinto Temples and shrines, as well as high-class furniture and tableware. However, it takes a long time to dry or it will warp and twist, and those that process and use this wood have to have a high class of craftsmanship

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