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VG10 is a steel alloy that has been created in recent years, when looking for a steel that is resistant to rusting, while also being able to keep its edge. Thanks to the carbon, chrome, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt, and other materials that are included in the alloy, it creates a large amount of hard carbides, which in turns improves the abrasion resistance and makes the material resistant to rusting. The metal is quenched at 1000 degrees C and then tempered at 200 degrees C to produce a blade that has a hardness of about 60, perfect to perform a lot of cutting, wood shaving, and for rough use in general. The sheath is made of twice-plated stainless steel, first with chrome plating and then silver plating.

High-Quality VG10 Steel

A Higonokami First! A completely new designed knife!

A knife 2 years in the making! Rust resistant and super strong, this Higonokami knife can also be dissassembled! This folding type of knife that was born in the forging town of Miki, located in Banshu which is modern day Hyogo, has been around since the Meiji 27 (1894),  and its crafting process and techniques have been passed down through the years via Nagao Kanekoma. The fifth generation owner, Mitsuo Nagao, is bringing via this project a whole new type of higonokami!

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Can be separated with just one coin! Easily washable!

With this style of hinge, it can be tightened so that the hinge stays safe and secure. The blade and sheath can also be separated to make it extra easy to wash!

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