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The next generation of Electric Guitars! 3 sounds 1 guitar!

Looking to change the rock scene, this guitar features three different outputs, letting you sound like a whole ensemble! Using various parts from leading guitar manufacturers, combined with a wonderfully light wood body that means you can play for hours without tiring, this guitar looks to help the music world evolve! With launch specials that are 45% off the future RRP, you can get this guitar only on Kickstarter at a wonderful discount! So don't miss out!

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Thanks to a special design, the guitar uses three pickups, which goes through their own individual outputs. This means that using different pedals and speakers you can make the guitar sound like three! What's more the pick-ups are all amazing quality SEYMOUR DUNCAN.

A special three pickup build

Made using lightweight wood

The body of the guitar uses alderwood while the neck and fretboard uses maple wood, both which are rather light woods that makes it easy to play for longer. 

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